Jack Deshotels and Jim Leonard have started a pepper jam and jelly business.  Jack has been making jams and jellies for many years, and Jim has been growing fruits and berries for a like number of years.  As a seven year old Jack helped his mother and father can jams and jellies.  He was raised in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana and food and cooking was his family’s way of life.  Eighteen hundred miles to the west seven year old Jimmy Leonard was helping his father in the family citrus groves.  He was raised in Redlands, California, and agriculture was his family’s way of life.

Fifty-five years later in Lafayette, Louisiana, while eating breakfast at T’Coon’s with friends, they began discussing their mutual interests and came upon an idea to develop fruit based pepper jellies and jams.  They decided that Jim would grow the fruit and peppers and Jack would design the recipes and perform the kitchen tasks.  Their business plan developed into an economic reality.  They named their product Louisiana Sweet, and they formed a company under the name of D & L Distributing, LLC to handle the product line.

Their products currently include a line-up of eight pepper jellies or jams.  The fruited jalapeno jam and jelly which they currently offer are blackberry, blueberry, fig, Satsuma, persimmon, mayhew, muscadine or cranberry.  Jim’s farm does not grow the cranberry.  They also produce the regular, non-peppered, jam or jelly in all flavors of their grown fruit. 

Join with friends and discover how much fun it is to spread their blueberry pepper jam onto cream cheese over a cracker or mixing the pepper jelly with peanut butter in a sandwich or just eating it out of a jar.  Also check out our recipes or create your own.  If you would like to have your recipe on our website, email Jim at mary@louisianasweet.net.

Jack Dehotels cooking jellies and jams   Jim Leonard growing the fruits and berries

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